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Here are a few links to various columns and interviews that Dave has done. Many of these links may lead to archives or other lessons/interviews, so explore them well! The Guitar9 site contains many lessons as well as Dave’s ‘Zone’ recording series, the link to the index of these are located below. Enjoy!


Guitar Player December 2008
Sea of Tranquility

AllĀ Out Guitar

InstruMental Interview
Truth in Shredding
Sea of Tranquility
Essential Guitarist
The Basement Bar
Sercy String Works


Guitar 9 Zone Colums

Heading to Europe
Project Drum Miking with Daniel Adair!

The Mother Load Link to all Zone Colums!


The Metal Observer

HardRock Haven
InstruMentalĀ  Case
YtseJam Review
Sea of Tranquility

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