Welcome to DaveMartone.com, home of one of Canada’s Top Guitarists, Educator, Instructor, Author, Recording Engineer and Producer

This website redesign is meant to inform all fans, clients, companies, agents, schools, etc of the different sides of Dave that exist. This is a challenging task but we believe we have done it. Please enjoy.

  • There is my group Martone which is a Rock instrumental trio signed to Magna Carta Records in New York.
  • As well there is my acoustic side which consists of Kadabra and all of my solo nylon and steel guitar work.
  • Then we have the educational side which deals with my published books from Alfred Publishing as well as online courses available through Truefire.com and the Los Angeles College of Music. (link to course 1 | link to course 2)
  • I also own Brainworks Project Studio in Vancouver BC Canada where I have been recording/mixing all of my albums, DVDs as well as producing and recording/mixing growing list of clients. I am in the process of a major update of my studio and it should be all operational by Winter 2015.
  • Then we have the live performance section which tells you all the wonderful places I will be touring, performing or appearing with myself or other groups that I play in.

Thank you

Dave Martone