Private Lessons (Skype)

For students around the world I teach private Skype lessons payable to via PayPal.
Please contact me for rates and availability.
Also feel free to read comments from students who have studied with me via Skype

мельников анатолий
    “I’ve been taking Skype lessons with Dave Martone less than a year, but I’ve reached a huge progress in my guitar skill and music understanding. Dave has his own concept for guitar teaching that allows to develop all guitar technics with intimate knowledge of music theory and neck. As a result I’ve started to improvise freely over different backing tracks and have learned solos that had been impossible to play before. Moreover each lesson gives me a lot of motivation to continue playing and practicing. I think that Dave’s lessons have set me on the right track.”
J Suitor
To whom it may concern, Dave Martone is a fantastic teacher. As a student I like to be pushed. I like a teacher that constantly shows me that there is more to learn. Dave never ceases to amaze me with the amount of information he brings to our lessons. Not only is he an encyclopedia of knowledge, he also has a talent for inspiring me to become the best that I can. After every lesson I feel inspired to take my playing to the next level. He is always prepared with a great lesson planned every time we have one. Once i moved to Nashville we continued to take lessons via Skype, and in my opinion they are just as helpful and enjoyable. I feel like i have improved a great amount after every lesson we have via Skype. I am so glad that Skype has made us capable of continuing such fantastic instruction and i definitely plan on continuing with Skype lessons in the future.
— J Suitor
j pinnavaia
Dave has been an influence for me over the years and to get the chance to study with a musician of his caliber is just beyond words! Dave listens to you and provides direction in the areas that will help guide you to become a true musician. His organized way of teaching you gives you a better understanding of the material even before the end of your lesson. He is also very relaxed and puts you at ease and is always energized.
Dave delivers the best online instruction experience ever! I’m proud to be one of his students and I’m excited and eager to play more after each lesson – isn’t that the way it should be? – Thanks Dave!

Joe Pinnavaia
Lai Will
I’m currently in Taiwan, but even though I have to wake up 7am on  Sunday morning for my lesson due to the time differences, I’d still do it cause it’s worth it.   It’s amazing, when I’m using a 20 dollar amplifier along with my 10 dollar microphone, Dave can still hear every single note that i played and corrected me step by step,  it feels like he’s right here sitting beside me and teaching me in person. These Skype lessons enables me to still connect with Dave with the same clarity as being in the exact same room!

Will Lai