Los Angeles College of Music

Dave Martone offers two courses through the LA College of Music:

Top 10 Things You Need To Be Awesome

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Modes the Martone Way

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Course Descriptions:

Top 10 Things You Need To Be Awesome

YOU NEED THIS COURSE! Dave will take you through his Top 10 list of things that will teach you how to be awesome! They will include

  • picking
  • legato
  • combo meal deal
  • expression
  • phrasing
  • fingerpicking
  • sweeping
  • hybrid picking
  • tapping
  • tone
  • and more!

You will be guided through all of these topics with multi cam video, printed music including tab and backing tracks to jam with! What are you waiting for! Lets Get AWESOME!

Course Objectives

  • Strengthening certain facets of your guitar playing, especially finger picking
  • Be able to record yourself in front of a camera and not freak out
  • Add more confidence to your improvisational chops
  • Incorporate more techniques into your standard guitar vocabulary

Here’s what students are saying:

“Dave has been an influence for me over the years and to get the chance to study with a musician of his caliber is just beyond words! Dave listens to you and provides direction in the areas that will help guide you to become a true musician. His organized way of teaching you gives you a better understanding of the material even before the end of your lesson. He is also very relaxed and puts you at ease and is always energized. Dave delivers the best online instruction experience ever! I’m proud to be one of his students and I’m excited and eager to play more after each lesson – isn’t that the way it should be? – Thanks Dave!” 
– J. Pinnavaia

Modes the Martone Way

MODES MODES MODES! You always hear this word! Let Dave show you how to learn the modes in 3 different ways with his method to the madness! Even if you only know a few modes starting this course, by the end you will be amazed with the new ideas and sounds that will be coming out of your guitar! You will be guided through all topics with multi cam video, printed music including tab and backing tracks to jam with! What are you waiting for? Bump your playing up to the next level with Modes the Martone Way!

Course Objectives

  • To learn and feel comfortable playing the modes in 3 non-traditional ways
  • To be able to feel odd note groupings while playing to increase coolness
  • To be able to combine all 3 ideas into one key
  • To be able to use these new ideas in an improvised setting

Here’s what students are saying:

“Dave has his own concept for guitar teaching that allows you to develop all guitar techniques with intimate knowledge of music theory and the guitar neck. As a result, I’ve started to improvise freely over different backing tracks and have learned solos that had been impossible to play before. Moreover, each lesson gives me a lot of motivation to continue playing and practicing. I think that Dave’s lessons have set me on the right track.” – J. Suitor, Nashville, TN

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