Book Review – Serious Shred Advanced Scaled (Alfred Publishing)

Good Lesson, well worth the price
By Doug Maliszewskion September 12, 2012

The information contained in this lesson is not new–for an advanced player–however the book and the DVD complete with backing tracks is well worth the price. I was able to get through the book in a weekend and have a few new ideas. I have made the exercises part of my warm-up routine as they will have you moving across and down the neck in a logical manner.

The first few pages show how to work the blues scale up and down the neck using the basic pentatonic boxes and slides–diagonal approach. Next the author shows the three-note per string approach to using pentatonics which has a more modern and less “boxy” sound than trying to work it all in one position.

Then he continues on with the aeolian, dorian, phrygian, locrian, harmonic and melodic minor, and other more exotic scale work. What I like about the examples is that the author not only works them at various tempos but also shows to work them backwards, a powerful tool to increase your musical vocabulary. Having the DVD makes all of the difference as it shows the author playing the examples according to his convictions which tends to bring life to the book.

Good stuff here.

It a great theacher Dave
By jonathan velez ramoson May 29, 2015

It a great teacher Dave.This dvd have a lot information and good exercices. this technique is very easy and very fun I recommend the informacion is clearly. I give 5 star

Learned some great Pentatonic patterns and whatnot
By Christopher S Rambousekon August 19, 2014

Learned some great Pentatonic patterns and whatnot. He also uses a Paul Gilbert 3 note per string pattern as well. Great if you’re looking to break the pentatonic box

Five Stars
ByFJC renoon March 1, 2015

Still working through this book! Lots to do!!

It REALLY is good
By peter rosson November 10, 2013

better than i expected – a great book – and all of the material it contains is different to the mainstream instruction stuff out there. This guy really makes you think. very very good and i would recommend it to any guitarist who is wanting to play things a bit different.

serious shred by dave martone
ByMark D. Davison January 31, 2013

yet another cool book on the art of guitar shredding. again i have not had time to use this book yet but seems packed with lot’s of good info.