Book reviews – Shredding The Blues (Alfred Publishing)

What you put into it…you will get out of it.
By Jamie on February 15, 2015

I have enjoyed this book. He spends a lot of time on developing hybrid picking, tapping and basic shred -type mechanics. What no one has mentioned and I feel is the best part of the book are the “Martone Pentatonics”. He basically gives you the tools to use a 5 note scale but comprised of more “sophisticated” scale tones over a Blues progression. This is a practice often used by saxophonists, and the opportunities are endless if deeply explored. Compared to what a private lesson costs(and this much information may not be exchanged), this book is a bargain.

Best Instructional Video/Book Available
By Eric Bourassa on June 25, 2013

If you like shred, get this book. Even if you don’t like blues, this book is valuable. Dave Martone plays like no one else, and I’ve waited a long time for insight into his playing. Over 200 examples and the DVD is over 2 hours long. Pretty good for a $20 book! I will be using this for a long time. Don’t buy any other shred books or DVD’s. This is far superior.

By peter ross on November 10, 2013

some very different approaches to playing blues – it really is quite different to normal blues stuff. definately worth the cash the materials contained are well explained and easy to understand – it just requires a fair amount of practice to get some of the stuff down. some of the stretches are awesome. not sure how or if traditional blues enthusists will embrace it – but great stuff

the best book on technichal guitar playing, That I’ve seen.
By King on March 15, 2015

This book is loaded with incredible ideas. If you can work your way through the first 28 pages, and absorb the ideas, you will no doubt be an incredible player, and that’s not even half of the book!

Awesome guitar player. So-so course.
By Shane on January 9, 2015

Being as I’m super into playing blues, I’m always on the lookout for books/dvds to make me better and expand my musical horizons. The three star rating is in no way a knock on Dave Martone’s playing ability. If you don’t know who he is, wow, he is pretty amazing at guitar to say the least! There are a ton of instruction materials out there, and I’ve bought enough to realize about 50% are worthless, 30% are misguided jumbled messes, and the other 20% are actually helpful. This one is somewhere around the 30% misguided mess. The book has several lick examples. The DVD is high quality, Dave is well spoken and knowledable, however, the course just seemed like it wasn’t following any sort of plan and I kept wondering where it was going. I felt the video was mostly a showcase of Dave going, “Ok watch this!” and then ripping thru some crazy lick example at lightning speed then saying “ok now you try.” The book is pretty useless unless you’re following along simultaniously with the DVD. The lick examples are pretty boring to play. Three stars for the excellent quality video, and the couple of pointers I learned. Not sure who exactly this is aimed at, definitely NOT for beginners or intermediate guitar players.

Five Stars
By jonathan velez ramos on May 29, 2015

Wao its a good dvd I think is one of the best guitar instruccional video.

Very Different and Inspiring
By M. D. Bell on November 8, 2014

Very Different and Inspiring – many ideas in this book and if you only use one of them, it will make a difference. The further into the book you go, the more unusual and inspiring it becomes. Also a good way to learn shredding!

Tafolla & Howe will love this.
By Amazon Customer on June 29, 2015

I’m a life long guitar geek & this book is loaded with instantly useable stuff. Worth the buy for most all levels,especially if you are looking to get that non-yngwie shred sound. Fans of Satriani, Vai,Tafolla & Howe will love this.